Apple Files for Apple Music Awards Logo Trademark and Wins Design Patents for iPhone and iPad Accessories


Apple announced its first Apple Music Awards in December 2019, with Billie Eilish taking home the highest honor as Global Artist of the Year. Each award features a custom silicon wafer from Apple suspended between a polished sheet of glass and a machined, anodized aluminum body. Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office released Apple’s design trademark filing for the Apple Music Awards graphic logo.

Figurative trademark filing for the Apple Music Awards

3 XF - Apple tm filing for apple music awards TM logo

Apple filed its trademark specifically under international class 041 Covering: “Entertainment services, namely, a program for the presentation of awards in recognition of outstanding achievement in the fields of entertainment, video arts and music; entertainment services, namely, live performances by musical artists and bands; provision of audio, video, webcast programs in the field of music; provision of live and pre-recorded music, musical performances, sound clips, video clips, photographs, news, reviews and other items multimedia relating to the field of music via websites and computer applications; provision of entertainment, music, and artistic and cultural programming via telecommunications networks; provision of entertainment, music, art and culture through websites and computer applications.”

To secure the trademark, Apple originally filed it in Jamaica in late 2020 under application number 82027.

Apple obtains accessory design patents

Apple was granted its second patent (D920,317) for its 2015 iPhone smart battery case with some patent numbers shown below.

4 patented iPhone case battery

Apple also obtained its fifth design patent (D920,335) for its 2012 iPad case which you can view here.

11. Brands and models bar


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