Apple has been awarded 13 design patents for its 2020 iPad Air


Apple was granted 13 iPad Air patents in Hong Kong on Friday numbered 2016588.8M001 – .8M013. There are two primary design patents covering all iPad Air designs for non-cellular and cellular Wi-Fi networks. The other 11 patents cover different aspects of the iPad Air that Apple wanted additional protection for, such as the camera setup and cellular antennas.

Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with a summary, summary and details of an invention, design patents published worldwide are limited to providing the public only with design patent numbers. No additional design specifics are available.

Apple wins 8 design patents for the 2020 iPad Air

The first iPad Air 2020 design patent covers the non-cellular version.

The first design patent form registered in part

3 X FINAL - Hong Kong Patent Office Design Patent Registration Form in Part for iPad Air 2020 1st Design Patent

Apple has filed the 8 design patents for its iPad Air 2020 under Locarno classifications 14 – 01, 02 and 03 as follows:

Class 14-01: Recording equipment for the reproduction of sound or images.

Class 14-02: data processing equipment and peripheral apparatus and devices.

Class 14-03: Telecommunications equipment, wireless remote controls and radio amplifiers

iPad Air 2020 design – Wi-Fi + Cellular

The second iPad Air 2020 design covers the Wi-Fi + Cellular model with antennas. The different areas are highlighted in the blue squares we added for clarity.

4 Design Patent 2020 iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular Design Differences from Standard Non-Cellular Model

Various iPad Air 2020 models with varying accent

When Apple applies for a design patent, especially in Hong Kong, they present a master design covering all the parts as a whole. In this case, Apple submitted a master design patent for cellular and non-cellular models.

Apple then broke down the design to emphasize particular elements of a design that they want to further protect separately. Below are some of these additional design patents highlighting various elements such as cellular antennas, camera area, and more.

5x Apple Design patents in Hong Kong .8m012 .8m013
5x Apple Design patents in Hong Kong .8m012 .8m013

There were a few design patents presented where emphasis could not be highlighted in this report.

Apple’s new iPad Air was showcased at a virtual event on September 15, 2020

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