Apple has been granted five design patents for Beats Fit Pro headphones


The Hong Kong Patent Office has granted Apple five design patents covering the new Beats Fit Pro which was introduced on November 1. Beats Fit Pro is equipped with comfortable and secure wingtips that adapt to your ear. The universal wingtip design has been put to the test by athletes of all kinds so you can be sure these headphones will stay in place through workdays and workouts. Below is an overview of the latest Beats headphones.

Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with a summary, summary and details of an invention, design patents published worldwide are limited to providing the public only with design patent numbers. No additional design specifics are available.

Design patent #1 covers the complete “Beats Fit Pro” design

2 Design patent granted to Apple - Part 1

The remaining 4 design patents only cover specific parts of the design that Apple wants to warrant to better protect their design from competition.

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4 the 4 remaining design patents for the Beats Fit Pro headphones

Apple’s five design patents were all filed under Locarno Classifications 14 – 01 and 14 – 03, which cover “sound and image recording or reproduction equipment” and “telecommunications equipment, wireless remote controls and radio amplifiers”.

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