Apple has obtained three additional design patents for its new Beats Studio headphones


Beats announced their all-new Beats Studio Buds in a whole new form factor compared to their previous designs on June 14. On Friday, October 10, the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple four design patents for the Beats Studio Buds case that was covered in a report yesterday. Today our report covers three more design patents granted for buds alone.

Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with an abstract, summary, and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to providing the public with only design patent figures. No additional design details are available.

Beats Studio Buds

Apple on Friday obtained three design patents for the Beats Studio Buds under the numbers 2118231.4M001, .4M002 and .4M003. As you will notice below, there was no reference to “Beats” in the verbiage of the granted patent and the Beats logo “b” was not found which caused a temporary problem while configuring our graphics yesterday. .

Below are the patent numbers for the full design patent presented in 2118231.4M001. Full of meaning, every aspect of the buds is protected in this particular patent.

2 new AirPods Pro 2 designs
2 new AirPods Pro 2 design
2 new AirPods Pro 2 designs
2 new AirPods Pro 2 designs
2 new AirPods Pro 2 designs

With Apple’s .4M001 design patent above covering the entire design of the Beats Studio headphones, two additional design patents have also been granted that add additional but partial design coverage that Apple described in a black line drawing. Not all gray segments carry the additional protection.

7 - 2 additional design patents for beats studio headphones

Hong Kong Patent Office Design Patent Form (Registered) Granted

Below is the main design patent form partly associated with Apple’s design patent issued by the Hong Kong Patent Office on Friday. The form does not refer to Beats and does not feature the “b” brand / logo associated with the final product. Apple’s design patent expires on June 22, 2026.

8 Patent form granted in Hong Kong in part for headphones

11. Trade marks and designs bar


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