Apple last week got 2 iPad Air design patents and filed some new marks such as “There’s an app clip for that” and more


The Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple two design patents for its new iPad Air on Friday. In the United States, Apple has registered three trademarks. Specifically, Apple has filed two trademark applications covering “There’s an application clip for that” and a trademark filing for the “SF Arabic” font. In addition, Apple’s trademark for “MagSafe Charger” is now a registered trademark.

Design Patents: iPad Air

Apple yesterday obtained two design patents for the iPad Air from the Hong Kong Patent Office. Apple has filed its design under the Locarno classifications 14-01, 02 and 03 which cover: 01 – “Equipment for recording or reproducing sounds and images”; 02 – Tablets, touch screens and computer equipment “; and 03 – Telecommunications equipment and more.

Below is the Hong Kong Patent Office “registered” design patent status form for the iPad Air. A part of the form that is not displayed indicates that the drawings are now protected until 02-24-2026.

Below are the design patent numbers for iPad Air. Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to providing the public with only design patent figures. No additional design details are available.

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3 iPad Air Design Patent Figure Hong Kong Patent Office
3 iPad Air Design Patent Figure Hong Kong Patent Office

The second design patent under # 2117631.2M002 (not shown) only covers the frame of the iPad Air and not the buttons or the camera.

This week’s trademark filings +

The US Patent and Trademark Office released a series of Apple trademark filings this week. The first covers “SF ARABIC“, a new beta font as shown in Apple’s” specimen “page, including with their filing below. The trademark has been filed under class 009 covering:” downloadable computer software for generating, displaying and print fonts “.

5 x application -TM for the Arabic Police SF Apple Inc

With this specific trademark filing, Apple provided the US Patent Office with a “specimen”, as shown below. The United States Patent Office defines a specimen as an example of how a company actually uses its trademark in the marketplace with the goods or services in its application.

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6 SF Arabic Beta Specimen page for USPTO

Trademark: “There is an application clip for this”

The second trademark filing released this week was for “There’s an app clip for that”. In February 2009, Apple released the “There’s an app for that” ad campaign with a video below.

This week, Apple filed two trademarks that represent a modification of their 2009 ad, with “There’s an app clip for that.”

(Click on the image below for a larger view)

7 - x - Apple TM application partly for There's an App Clip for That -

The first trademark application was filed under international class 009 and the second application filed under international class 042 as shown below:

International class 009: ‘Portable mobile digital electronic devices for sending and receiving telephone calls, e-mail and other digital data, for use as an audio player in digital format and for use as a handheld computer, personal digital assistant, electronic organizer , electronic notepad, and camera; computer games apparatus, videophones, pre-recorded computer programs for managing personal information, database management software, electronic mail and messaging software, database synchronization software, computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases, software and firmware, namely, operating system programs, data synchronization programs and application development software programs for personal and handheld computers; software for redirecting messages, Internet e-mail and / or other data to one or more portable electronic services from a data store on or associated with a personal computer or server; software for d ata synchronization between a station or remote equipment and a station or fixed or remote equipment; Downloadable and recorded computer software; downloadable and recorded software for processing, facilitating, verifying and authenticating mobile payments and contactless transactions with retailers, merchants and vendors via portable and mobile devices; downloadable and recorded software for searching, transmitting, receiving, storing, accessing, searching, organizing and viewing geographic location information and providing location based content; downloadable and recorded software for application development; downloadable and recorded computer software development tools; downloadable and recorded computer software for use in developing other software applications; downloadable and recorded application programming interface (API) software; downloadable and recorded software development kits (SDKs); downloadable and recorded computer software for the maintenance and operation of a computer system; downloadable and registered computer operating software.

International class 042: ‘Providing non-downloadable online application development software; providing on-line non-downloadable computer software development tools; providing online non-downloadable computer software for use in developing other software applications; user authentication services using a software application; user authentication services using technology for e-commerce transactions; providing on-line information relating to computer technology, computer programming and software. “

Although Apple states “There’s an app clip for that” in their announcement below, it wasn’t an official mark when it was first released. Obviously, Apple now wants to have it as an official mark, as evidenced by trademark filings from last week.

MagSafe charger: now a registered trademark

Finally, the Apple brand for MagSafe Charger obtained “Registered” status this week under number 6,389,155, as shown below. The mark has been registered under international class 009 and covers: “Charging mat for use with smartphones; charging apparatus for use with mobile telephones; wireless chargers for mobile phones; mobile phone chargers. “

8 - RTM for MagSafe charger - Apple June 2021

11. Trade marks and designs bar


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