Apple was granted 15 new design patents covering Apple Watch and HomeKit user interfaces + 2 US registered trademarks


The Hong Kong Patent Office has granted Apple a series of 15 new design patents. Five of the designs are for Apple Watch user interfaces, while the rest are for various HomeKit user interfaces. All designs are noted as being protected by Locarno Classification 14 – 04 which covers “screen displays and icons”. Our report also covers Apple’s granting of two trademark certificates from the US Trademark Office.

Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with a summary, summary and details of an invention, design patents published worldwide are limited to providing the public only with design patent numbers. No additional design specifics are available.

Apple Watch user interface design patents

HomeKit UI design patents

3 - Apple's design patent GUIs

The HomeKit user interfaces shown below that were granted design patents did not match well with those found online. Apple’s category list is here and we’ve tried searching for security, doors and locks with no success. If you recognize this user interface, send us a note at [email protected]

4 HomeKit UIs Get Hong Kong 2020 Design Patent

New Apple Trademarks (RTM)

In other intellectual property news, Apple’s trademark filings for the figurative “Apple Music for Business” and the figurative “AirPods & Charging Case” are now “registered trademarks” issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Digital copies of the certificates are shown below.

5 x RTM for Figurative TM for AirPods in Case

6 Apple Music for Business RTM

11. 0F TMs & Designs Bar


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