Benelli V-Twin adventure bike revealed in design patents


New designs filed by Benelli’s parent company Qianjiang in China reveal a new v-twin adventure bike, which could be introduced in the Benelli lineup.

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Benelli’s upcoming 650cc v-twin adventure bike revealed in design patent images

The latest design patents filed by the Chinese group Qianjiang reveal a new mid-size adventure bike with a 650cc V-twin engine. With Chinese marque QJMotor from Qianjiang and Benelli sharing the chassis and engine technology, the new 650 cc adventure motorcycle could be the Chinese automaker’s next big thing, and could well be introduced under the names Benelli and QJMotor. The new machine is expected to be powered by an entirely new 650cc V-twin engine unlike any other engine platform shared by the two brands.

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The engine appears to be a 650cc V-twin, which is expected to produce around 70bhp.

Benelli and QJMotor currently share the same 500cc and 750cc parallel twin-cylinder engines, and also have a 600cc four-cylinder engine in the works. But the bike shown in the design documents appears to have a 650cc V-twin, with an output of around 70bhp, making it compete with models like the Suzuki V-Strom 650 and the Yamaha Tenere 700. But unlike it. to these two bikes, the Benelli design seems to be aimed at more road adventures than true off-road capabilities. After all, the Benelli TRK 502 has been very successful, and even it’s not a tough model capable of off-roading.

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The new 650cc v-twin adventure bike has a pretty nice design, but it will be a road-oriented adventure bike, rather than a versatile all-terrain adventure bike.

The design is quite pleasing to the eye and clearly departs from the typical “beak” that most adventure bikes seem to follow, including the TRK 502. The nose has a single headlight with what appear to be additional traffic lights. flanking him. The tubular steel trellis frame appears to be something that is used by current Benelli models, although this one may be brand new, and the bike appears to run on tubeless tires mounted on metal spoked wheels, with what appears to be a 19 -17 inch front and rear combination.

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So far, however, there isn’t much confirmation of a production schedule, but from what’s on display, a new mid-size adventure bike certainly looks like it’s coming. And it will be positioned against models like the Kawasaki Versys 650 and the upcoming Triumph Tiger 660 Sport than the Tenere 700 and the V-Strom 650, more off-road capable.


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