Industry Snapshot: Design Patents for Golf Club Heads (Aug 2021) | Jason nolan


Simply put, golf is a game played with a small, hard ball and a set of clubs on a 9- or 18-hole outdoor course. The player tries to hit the ball in each of the holes in turn with the fewest strokes possible. A golf Club consists of a shaft with a grip on one end and a club head on the opposite end. Usually every golf club carried in a player’s golf bag is different, but each club is characterized by one of three types: wood, irons, and putter (“hybrids” also exist). Woods are used for long distance shots from the tee box or fairway; putters are used on the green; and irons, being the most versatile, are used for almost all other shots.

Design patents protect any new, original and ornamental design of a manufactured item. We encourage inventors to consider filing design patent applications when developing a new product, as design patents have several advantages over utility patents. In a previous article, we looked at the USPTO statistics for design patent applications and found that design patent applications can be easier to budget, reviewed faster, and more likely to be granted by the government. ‘Patent Office; and also fully enforceable in court against offenders. Design patents are a great option to protect your inventive designs.

Golf, being such a popular sport and hobby in the United States, has developed a strong community of inventors and companies that protect its inventive designs by filing design patent applications. Indeed, our research has uncovered thousands of golf club design patents or golf club heads.

In this industry snapshot, we take a look at some of the design patents for golf club heads issued by the USPTO in August 2021.


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