Microsoft has won 8 design patents covering the Xbox Series S console and game controllers that cover those for VR gaming


Last week, Microsoft was awarded 8 design patents covering its “Xbox Series S” console and game controllers. A game controller, as featured as our cover graphic, looks to offer a possible future two-tone controller. The other controller design patent covers VR handsets with right and left controllers having different control button layouts.

Xbox gamepad

Microsoft was granted design patent D905,169 last week for a “game controller” which is an Xbox game controller. The design comes as a two-tone design. Considering Microsoft sells its game controller in black, white, and blue, it looks like Microsoft is considering a two-tone design. Unfortunately, the design patent does not provide all specifications it might solve the color problem. Design patents basically provide designs and that’s about it. Interpret the design as you wish; we choose to see it as a possible future two-tone option.

You can view Microsoft’s second design patent D905,168 for the Xbox game controller here which shows only a partial design.

The design patents were originally filed in August 2019 and do not include the “share” button found on newer controllers as shown below. The design features a new angled button that is unexplained. Whether to replace the share button is unknown at this time.

2+ share button missing

Microsoft VR game controller

Microsoft was also granted a series of four design patents simply titled “Game Controller” last week. This series of patents covers a VR game controller. The patent figures shown below are taken specifically from design patent D905,164. They represent the full design of the handsets.

3 Microsoft VR game controller design patent
3 Microsoft VR game controller design patent
5 x Microsoft Handheld VR Game Controller Accessory

The other three model patents in the series show only partial models under the numbers D905,165, D905,166 and D905,167. You can check out this latest patent to see what a partial design looks like. In these three design patents, Microsoft adds additional protection for specific parts of the design. Any part of the drawing presented in dotted lines is not protected.

Xbox series S

6 x - Xbox Series S console

Finally, Microsoft last week was granted design patent D905,161 covering its entry-level Xbox console marketed as “Xbox Series S.” Below is a photo of the Xbox Series S with their design patents underneath.

7 design patent for the Xbox Series S console

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