Nikola cleared to sue Tesla in $ 2 billion lawsuit for infringement of design patents


A U.S. federal judge has now ordered hydrogen trucking startup Nikola to continue its $ 2 billion patent lawsuit against electric car maker Tesla for infringement of design patents.

Case against Tesla will remain “administratively closed” but will not be dismissed, Judge James Donato said in a new order on Tuesday, reports The edge.

Nikola first filed a complaint in 2018, alleging that Tesla’s own semi-truck infringed a number of Nikola’s design patents.

“Nikola said in his initial complaint that Tesla’s theft of his designs would rob the startup of $ 2 billion of market share,” the report said.

The judge, who closed the case on October 1 because neither Nikola nor Tesla responded to previous orders, has now assigned Nikola two new hearing deadlines in January 2022.

“Nikola’s apparent reasons for not responding to court orders are not particularly convincing,” the judge said in the order.

“The case will not be closed at this time for lack of prosecution, but that could change if Nikola does not move this case forward to a resolution in an efficient and expeditious manner.”

Tesla introduced its first semi-truck in 2017. However, for years and several delays later, Tesla has yet to release the “Tesla Semi” or the “Megacharger” for it to date.

Tesla recently delayed the first Tesla Semi deliveries to customers until 2022, when it will have more battery cells.

The company was seen deploying the first Megacharger to charge its next semi-electric truck at Gigafactory Nevada, media reported this week.

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Posted on: Wednesday October 20, 2021 12:27 IST


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