SixAxis obtains utility and design patents on ErectaStep’s ingenious products


ANDREWS, SC – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Adding to a growing list of more than 24 innovative exclusive industrial designs, SixAxis, LLC was granted U.S. Patent 10,358,871 in July under its brand name ErectaStep. The product line is ingeniously simple, consisting of 5 modular OSHA compliant components designed with an infinite number of configurations for safe and efficient industrial access.

“We want customers to understand the huge difference between ErectaStep metal stairs and anything on the market, ”says SixAxis and ErectaStep co-founder and CEO Rob Honeycutt. “We have created a fundamental change in the way our customers remain OSHA compliant. Before ErectaStep, standard solutions or custom manufacturing were the only options available. “Our customers no longer have to sacrifice efficiency to get the job done safely.

ErectaStep crossovers and work platforms can be configured for use in any industrial environment. All products are OSHA compliant, in stock and ready to ship. Named after the metal Erector Sets toy that Honeycutt played with as a child, ErectaStep components are robot-welded to the assembly line with a universal hole pattern, allowing them to be bolted together in n ‘ any direction.

“The best part,” says Honeycutt, “is that these are not single use solutions. The components of ErectaStep can be reassembled when the installation needs to be modified. Another feature included in the patent is the unique ability to expand up to three platforms without additional support.

SixAxis has been providing access and security systems to the truck, rail, ship, aviation and aerospace industries using cutting-edge technology since 2003. Their award-winning products and patents have helped support the efforts from Fortune, the industry leader. 500 companies such as Boeing, Dow and Coca-Cola.

About ErectaStep, SafeRack and SixAxis

Launched in 2010, ErectaStep is a subsidiary of SixAxis Manufacturing Technologies. SixAxis was founded by Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt in 2002 to provide high quality load rack and fall protection solutions to businesses around the world. In addition to SafeRack, product specific brands such as ErectaStep, RollaStep, PerfectaStep, AeroStep and MarinaStep have been developed to design and manufacture innovative products that increase safety and increase productivity. For more information on how SixAxis is changing the world of manufacturing, visit For more information on ErectaStep products, please visit

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