The Polestar 5 will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


Key points

  • The Polestar 5 is expected to launch in 2024
  • The production car is based on the Precept concept
  • Development work has taken place in the UK

UPDATE, June 15, 2022: The Polestar 5 will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Swedish electric vehicle maker Polestar has locked down this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​for the first public outing of the new Polestar 5.

Confirming that the Polestar 5 prototype will race at the famed Goodwood Hill Climb on June 23, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said the Festival of Speed ​​was the natural venue for the car’s dynamic debut.

“Goodwood is our favorite place to show off our cars in a passionate environment,” Ingenlath said.

“This year, we are thrilled to present the Polestar 5 that climbs the slope! Our UK R&D team are doing an incredible job developing the car, and we are proud to be able to highlight their hard work at this early stage.


The Polestar 2 BST Edition 270 will also be on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Joining the 5 at Goodwood will be the updated Polestar 2, along with its performance-focused Polestar 2 BST Edition 270 variant – the latter will not be available in Australia.

Read below to find out what we know so far about the Polestar 5.

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2024 Polestar 5 Design Patent 1


June 7, 2022: Polestar 5 design patents leaked

The mystery of the design of the Polestar 5 electric sedan has all but disappeared after design patents for the next model surfaced online.

Filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the images show what Polestar’s first GT-style fastback sedan will look like, now incorporating real side mirrors rather than cameras.

Its front fascia was also changed from the Precept concept to now incorporate lower headlamps, while a cleaner, more conservative design was implemented for its lower front bumper and valance.

2024 Polestar 5 Design Patent 7


Aside from a location for the rear license plate and a reduced diffuser, the rear design is largely unchanged from the concept that inspired the 5.

As with the current Polestar 2, the 5’s wheels are based on a four-section design, with eight main chrome spokes incorporating a pair of thinner black spokes between them.

Polestar is gearing up to unveil its 3 SUV in the coming months before the 5 is unveiled next year, with launch expected closer to 2024.

Polestarbondedaluminumplatform 2


February 16, 2022: Polestar 5 will run on a new bespoke platform

The electric performance Polestar 5 GT 4-Door will feature an all-new bespoke bonded aluminum platform, the automaker has confirmed.

Bonded aluminum is light and stiff, offering high performance and environmental benefits, but has previously proven to be labor intensive and difficult to use in mass production vehicles without sacrificing quality.

Polestar says its engineers have solved this challenge by developing an entirely new and faster manufacturing process that develops both the body and the platform. As a result, the completed structure is expected to weigh less than competing cars in smaller segments, making it more efficient and offering better range.

“We knew we wanted this car to be light, we knew we wanted high quality and we knew we wanted it fast,” said Pete Allen, Head of R&D Team Polestar UK. “This architecture offers exceptional dynamic and security attributes, with a low investment technology applicable to high production volumes.”

Polestarbondedaluminumplatform 5


November 24, 2021: Polestar 5 preview

Swedish electric vehicle maker Polestar has unveiled its first GT car, with the Polestar 5 previewed as part of its Precept concept video series.

Developed at Polestar’s Research and Design Center in the UK, the Polestar 5 design strongly reflects the Precept which was first revealed in February 2020, and is now set to hit showrooms four years from now. after his public debut.

The production model appears to feature a steeper roofline and integrated physical door handles and more conservative side skirts, making the Polestar 5 look more like its contemporary rivals.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said the video series gave fans of the brand a behind-the-scenes look at the transformation of a concept car into a production-ready vehicle.

“With the Precept documentary series, we’re intentionally doing something automakers typically don’t – go behind the scenes with transparency as we turn this stunning concept car into production reality,” Ingenlath said.

“It makes me very proud to see how much of the concept car design carries over to the Polestar 5 – a great achievement from our designers and engineers.

Polestar Precept Production


17 September 2021: Polestar teases the next sedan

Swedish luxury brand Polestar has teased its full-size electric sedan, showing a photo of the pre-production prototype of the Precept concept.

Following the Precept’s reveal in February 2020, Polestar documented the design process for the concept car, a vehicle that was always to influence its future generations of passenger cars.

From what we can now see, the production car will feature four conventionally opening doors, rather than the concept’s rear-hinged doors, but it still retains the Audi A5/A7 Sportback rear lines – with the front of the rear – quarter panel tightening towards the C-pillar.

Polestar Precept 013 A 2


The Precept concept will influence Polestar’s future design language

Currently undergoing R&D at Polestar’s facilities within the UK’s MIRA Technology Park, the 250-strong team are committed to bringing the Precept to life before it goes into production from 2025.

Although Polestar’s current manufacturing base is located in China, it plans to build its Polestar 3 SUV in the United States at Volvo’s South Carolina production facility – a plant that could eventually house production of the Precept.

Polestar plans to introduce only electric vehicles in the future, with the broader aim of bringing a carbon-neutral car to market by 2030, after it was recently brought back to a majority by Volvo, which now has a 49% stake. .5% in the company.

Launching in Australia later this year, Polestar will hit the local market first with the four-door Polestar 2, which aims to challenge established EV brands such as Tesla on price and features.


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