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June 8, 2018

The University of Rochester jumped three places among last year’s Top 100 rankings from the National Academy of Inventors and the Intellectual Property Owners Association. (Photo Getty Images)

Among 100 universities and colleges worldwide, the University is 61st this year for the number of US utility patents granted to researchers in 2017. The University has jumped three spots from last year’s Top 100 rankings, which are compiled annually by the National Academy of Inventors and the ‘Intellectual Property Owners Association, using data from the United States. Patent and Trademark Office. In calendar year 2017, university researchers received 42 utility patents, up from 39 in 2016.

UR Ventures manages the commercialization of intellectual property resulting from research at the University of Rochester. Obtaining a utility patent, which prevents others from making, using or selling some form of innovation without authorization, is one of the essential first steps towards bringing a technology or product to market. ‘a product.

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The world’s top 100 universities granted utility patents in the United States in 2017, announced by the National Academy of Inventors. See the full list.

The utility patents issued to university researchers in 2017 represent discoveries in many of the institution’s core research areas, including medical and diagnostic technologies, imaging, optics, materials and vaccines. One example is a cancer treatment developed by Minsoo Kim, professor of microbiology and immunology and researcher at the Wilmot Cancer Institute, who obtained a patent for the innovative use of light and optics to orient immune cells. killers towards tumors during immunotherapy.

“Rankings are a way of recognizing the value of our research, especially in light of our size relative to the many top universities on the list,” said Scott Catlin, associate vice president of technology companies. “Each patent protects UR innovations, both during technical and commercial development, as well as once a product or service hits the market. They are a critical part of how the University obtains feedback on its research and government funding, as well as supporting our obligation to make our research work for humanity and the world. “

Hanyang University in South Korea, with 42 US patents, is ranked near Rochester in the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Patent Report; and Ohio State University and National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan with 41 patents each. Other New York State institutions in the top 100 are Cornell, Columbia, New York University, and the SUNY and CUNY Research Foundations.

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