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Given that there are more “foreign” than “national” inventors, one might assume that the% of patents held by foreigners in a jurisdiction is a sign of the “strength” of the patent system in that jurisdiction.

Thus, at the EPO, the% of patents held by foreigners has always been around 50% since its creation in 1978. Conversely, as far as I know, the% of patents held by foreigners at CN , JP, KR is much less than 50%.

Technological advancement is what we all need to prevent humanity from destroying the planet. What should the level of% be, gentlemen, for a well-functioning patent system in a climate of innovation and technological advancement functioning optimally?


    soon said:

    Illogical question, MaxDrei.

    (examine your assumptions)

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    soon said:

    Teacher. Crouch,

    What does this transition look like?

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    MM said:

    In addition to CALLWAVE yesterday (
    link to patentlyo.com), the CAFC today added another rule 36 ineligibility assertion:


    For all observers of the pendulum.

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    The ghost of the past pages said:

    MDR. I think it’s okay! As long as there are no frames or pointer animations on the site, all is well!

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    Is this animated GIF too boring to leave on the site?

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      Ben said:


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        Thank you!

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        MM said:

        I think a synchronized slide whistle sound, with increasing pitch, would really do that.

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        6 said:

        It didn’t bother me myself, but I also agree with MM.

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        soon said:


        In fact, maybe add an animation that takes the “surplus” of Kappos and fills in the artificially retained “bite” of the Dudas Reject-Reject-Reject era.

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          soon said:

          And you can add “chewing” sounds as Dudas appear …

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          The said:

          I don’t care about the animation per se. It’s that it doesn’t flatten out like I think it should during and before the Duda years….

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            6 said:

            In fact, if you follow the trend, it looks like the guy before Dudas artificially increased the allowance rate.


              MM said:

              State Street Bank was decided in 1998.


                6 said:

                Yeah it will. My fault.


                soon said:

                Innovation breeds innovation – we shouldn’t (necessarily) expect a linear curve.

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                A plurality of thresholding units said:

                If you’re trying to achieve parity with the default gravatars in the comments, you still have a ways to go.

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